CTQ - Projetos de Engenharia e Gestão de Empreendimentos, Lda


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CTQ – Projectos de Engenharia e Gestão de Empreendimentos Lda. is an engineers technical office that provides services in the area of real estate engineering projects.

With the acquired experience, CTQ has established itself in the market of ​​civil Construction Projects, Construction Supervision and Coordination, including Property Valuation, having as main goal to present solutions to our customers, always using the most advanced technologies in the market, based on a deep knowledge of the workings of their business activities and customer expectations.

We have adequate industry latest requirements facilities and equipment to the latest requirements inherent in the industry, employing a dynamic team capable of responding to the growing market needs.

Due to the implementation of the Energy Certification System at national level, CTQ prepared to respond to market needs, both in terms of R.C.C.T.E and R.S.E.C.E., surrounding itself by technicians trained for this purpose (see CTQ National->Company->Team).

In view of developments in order to reduce errors and omissions, we have already adhere to BIM Standard (Autodesk REVIT and AUTOCAD, also from Autodesk ). The BIM Standard solution, enhances the capabilities of AutodesK REVIT as an instrument of execution and project management, adding a technical language and standard procedures.