CTQ - Projetos de Engenharia e Gestão de Empreendimentos, Lda


The company was created in 1995, and began its activity in the area of project elaboration, its initial areas of expertise (Infrastructures/Constructions), as well as providing services of inspections, supervision and work-progress coordination.

Throughout these years, several studies of habitational and industrial land lotting were made, as well as commercial space assessments, some of which in the interior of Shopping Centers, such as COLUMBO, VASCO DA GAMA, FORUM ALGARVE, NORTESHOPPING, SALDANHA RESIDENCE, etc.

We are composed by a distinct and qualified team

Technical Staff:

·     Jorge Lourenço ( engineer )

·     Viriato Sousa ( engineer )

·     Joana Paias ( engineer )

Special Contributors:

·     Luis Serrão ( electrical engineer )

·     José Nobre ( mechanical engineer )

·     Rui Moura ( architect )

·     Alexandre Soares ( architect )

·     Perry da Câmara ( architect )

·     Carlos Rodrigues ( meter / budget )

·     Susana Morais ( landscape architect )

·     Pedro Oliveira ( electrical engineer )

·     Jorge Farelo Pinto ( architect )

.     Vitalício Sousa ( engineer )

.    Gonçalo Delca ( Pools )

Qualified Experts within the Framework of REH.:

·   Wagner Neves ( engineer )

·   Pedro Vieira ( architect )

Qualified Experts within the Framework of RECS:

·   José Nobre ( mechanical engineer )

·   José Lopes ( mechanical engineer )

.   Márcio Cardoso ( mechanical engineer )

.   Gonçalo Delca ( engineer )

Real Estate Valuation:

·   António Santos ( engineer )

Project Management

Projects designed by ourselves embrace the following fields of expertise:


{ Land Lotting }
Road Net Layout
Pluvial Water Drainage Net
Domestic Residual Water Drainage Net
Water Supply Distribution Net
Water Distribution Net for Firefighting
Natural Gas Supply Distribution Net (Low and Medium Pressure)
Electricity Distribution Net
Public Illumination Net
Telephonic Net

Real Estate Valuation:

Property Valuation
Property Development Projects Assessment
Asset Valuation and Portfolio
Fixed Assets Evaluation (according to the S.N.C.)
Assessment under the Mortgage
Sharing Assessments


{ Architecture }
Structures and Foundations
Containment of Building Facade
Excavation and Peripheral Containment
Edifice Water Supply Distribution Net
Edifice Water Distribution Net for Firefighting
Pluvial Water Drainage Net
Domestic Residual Water Drainage Net
Natural Gas Supply Distribution Net (Low and Medium Pressure)
Study of Thermal Behavior
Study of Acoustic Behavior
Electricity Net
Phone and TV installation (ITED)
Fire Safety 
Ventilation and Smoke Exhaust 
Air Conditioned 
Waste Management Plan 
Health and Safety Plan 
Energy Certificates 

Na nossa atividade utilizamos os seguintes softwares técnicos:

Autodesk Revit
Autodesk Revit Structural Analysis

The company installations are equipped with the most modern and efficient technological means, both in terms of hardware and software, in order to improve the quality and celerity in execution of their own work.

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